Why I prefer Gummy Drop over Candy Crush Saga

Why I prefer Gummy Drop over Candy Crush Saga

6th December 2018 Off By Bagwag82

Gummy Drop or Candy Crush Saga? A few years ago, as we all know, Candy Crush Saga went viral. You couldn’t go anywhere without someone asking “What level are you on?” or “Can you send me a life? and the other one “Can you unlock me?”.

I was one of those people. It started to take over my life. I’d play it whenever I got the chance to. When I woke up, on my lunch break at work, watching TV, you get the picture.

The trouble was when you got stuck on a level it was frustrating. It could have been a couple of days or sometimes even weeks before you finally succeeded and moved onto the next level.

Gummy Drop | GamingDog

I personally think that the game is programmed to do this to try and entice you to spend money on power-ups and lives. In the end, I deleted the game and got my life back.

What’s going on today?

Jump forward a couple of years and I’m playing it again, although not to the extent of before. Just now and then. The reason is because of another match 3 type puzzle game called Gummy Drop, first introduced to me by my mum. 🙂

Gummy Drop | GamingDog

This game, on the other hand, lets you actually play the game without trying to force you to purchase in-app items. Don’t get me wrong. You have the options throughout the game but the levels are a lot easier making it a much more enjoyable experience.

What’s Gummy Drop about?

Gummy Drop takes you on an around the world tour, visiting different cities in different countries teaching you small snippets of information as you go.

There are a number of levels per city. Each level has 3 difficulties, easy, normal and hard. You can’t unlock the next difficulty until you have completed the previous one.

On each city map, there are landmarks that need to be unlocked in order to unlock more levels. You can do this by completing side levels that lead off the main path and by collecting various objects along the main path.

Gummy Drop Gameplay World Map 2 - GamingDog

Once these landmarks have been opened up, you can learn more about them just by touching them.

As the game is easier than Candy Crush, the game tries to balance this out by only giving you a maximum of three lives.

As with most mobile games, you can connect to Facebook and send lives to your friends and also request them.

The game is wrapped up in colourful graphics and fun sounds. I’d highly recommend you at least give it a try to see what you think. I hope you enjoy it.

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