No Man’s Sky Weekly Tips

No Man’s Sky Weekly Tips

28th November 2016 Off By Bagwag82

Each week I will be putting together my No Man’s Sky Weekly tips. Some may seem like no brainers and others will be things I have figured out myself. Tips I feel I need to share with the rest of the world. If you have some tips of your own feel free to share in the comments below.

No Man's Sky Weekly Tips - GamingDog

Tip 1: Collect that Plutonium in No Man’s Sky

Once you get your ship off the ground a few times you quickly realise how important plutonium is in No Man’s Sky. You require this mineral to launch your starship off the ground.

When I first started playing I must have crashed in an area where there wasn’t much of this resource. I had to travel on foot on an expedition to locate some. eventually, once you do start planet hoping you realise that Plutonium is in abundance throughout the universe.

Tip 2: Thamium9

This resource is quite rare across most of the planets I have discovered in No Man’s Sky. When in search for Thamium9 on a planet look for a plant that has ball shaped flowers. They are rare but if you look long enough you will find them.

No Man's Sky Weekly Tips - GamingDog

If however, you have already left your planet you will know that you can gather this mineral from the billions of meteors floating around the galaxy.

Tip 3: Upload, Upload and Upload some more

Scan everything you come across. Build up your inventory of planets, rocks, animals and plants. Visit the numerous outposts scattered across the landscapes of the planets you visit.

No Man's Sky Weekly Tips - GamingDog

When you leave the planet make sure to press the options button on your joypad and upload all your weird and wonderful discoveries. You will be rewarded for your hard work with lots and lots of joyful units that you can spend on space stations and trading posts.

No Man’s Sky Weekly Tips – Tip 4: Learn a new language

Ok, so this one will take a long time, but stick with it. If you have the time, fly low over the planets’ surface and keep a close look out for monoliths. These usually look like black sharp angular structures.

No Man's Sky Weekly Tips - Monolith - GamingDog

Some are large some are small, but when you do spot one land over by one and interact with it. You will then learn a bit more about the lore and also learn a new word in a language.

This will help you when talking to the alien species that you meet at outposts and space stations. They usually talk in their own language. When they do you will see subtitles across the screen. Any words you have learnt will appear highlight within them. This will allow you to decipher what they are saying or asking for.

Tip 5: Building a warp drive

Ok, some people will have purchased the limited edition version and will already have a ship that has a working warp drive. However, you’ll still need to do the first few missions to get hold of the warp drive blueprints.

If you don’t and you sell your ship for another ship that doesn’t have a warp drive then you are stuffed. Then again, it’s a huge universe so maybe somewhere out there you may be able to purchase the blueprints from a trading post.

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