Feature: Stormdivers

Feature: Stormdivers

25th June 2019 Off By Bagwag82

Stormdivers is a new battle royale game from a very capable development team, Housemarque. You’re a Stormdiver – a rare kind of special operator who dives into a nanostorm that leaves wonderful technological finds behind every time it recedes.

What’s Stormdivers About?

On a remote abandoned island, a dangerous nano-experiment has gone terribly wrong. It created an everlasting artificial storm. Brave teams and lone operators are trying to survive the competition and the island.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Stormdivers lets you play as three classes each with their own special abilities:

  • Juggernaut – the heavy class
  • Marauder – the assault class
  • Scavenger – the stealth class

Each has two abilities that are unique to them, one for advanced movement and the other is for supportability.

These abilities make the gameplay fast-paced, chaotic and adding verticality to the game. They also have a Nano-glider pack that helps in vertical gameplay and works as an always-on parachute.

A Storm is Brewing in Stormdivers

Apart from the Stormdivers the other star of the show is the nanostorm itself. One of the key elements of any battle royale game is the storm. It adds pressure by shrinking the playing field.

Where the storm in Stormdivers differs from other games in the genre is its unpredictable and dangerous behaviour. The storm shrinks with varying speed from many directions at once.

Even the storm can be used to gain a tactical advantage if one is brave enough to withstand its effects.



Events in Stormdivers create a unique style of tactical gameplay. These events are dynamic such as Tornado. These events change the environment conditions and create new hazards for players to overcome or use to their advantage.

Mini Missions

These small missions are what Housemarque are coining as a deep meta-game. These mini-missions once complete reward players with collectables by meeting conditions before the round ends. If they are not met all the loot that has been found will be lost.

Character Enhancements

Unlike other games in the genre, you can add enhancements to your character that boost your stats such as armour, health, jumping height, reward you of kills, allowing you to see footprints, boost your speed and more.

Stormdivers an Evolving Future

Housemarque is working closely with Amazon, Tencent and Unreal to create an epic sci-fi multiplayer platform experience.

Stormdivers will launch with a mode for single player and teams. Later they will introduce a co-op PvE mission and raids, new island and themes, new dynamic events, new classes, serial missions where objectives span across several game sessions and metagame extension.

I’m guessing this will be done in the same vain as Fortnites’ Seasonal updates.


Stormdivers will be released on PC, Steam & WeGame and looks to be very promising. The only question is can it create the kind of hype that other popular battleroyale games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends have?

If it can distinguish itself and provide enough fun and charm to stand out from an already crowded battle royale marketplace then it might just stand a chance.

If Housemarque can work its magic as it has already proven it can with arcade shooters then it could be one of the most playable and fun royale games around.

Oh and you can sign up for the beta right now.

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