The Division 2 Beta Impressions

The Division 2 Beta Impressions

4th March 2019 Off By Bagwag82

I spent the weekend playing The Division 2 Beta and gathered my thoughts to share with you. The original Division launched a few years back with its fair share of problems, pretty much like any other open-world multiplayer game. I mean just look at the trouble Bioware have had with Anthem.

The Division 2 is stunning to look at.

Over time the Division had its downsides improved and it became a pretty good game to play.

Anyway this is The Division 2. Can Ubisoft improve on the original or is it more of the same. Bear in mind this is the Beta so you only get access to some of the full game.

What’s The Division 2 Beta About?

During the Beta, you will be able to get a glimpse of what awaits you. This includes completing 3 main mission in the eastern part of the open world, take a merry trip into one of the Dark Zones and rebuild settlements.

The Division 2 Enter the Dark Zone Trailer

Once available in the beta you will be able to complete one Invaded Mission and also try out new Agent Specialisations: Survivalist, Sharpshooter & Demolitionist.

The Division 2 Beta allows you to rise up to level 8 and loot new gear and weapons to take on tougher challenges. Improve your Base of Operations and unlock new skills & abilities.

How was my time with The Division 2 Beta?

Is it an improvement over the original? To be honest for me it felt like it was pretty much more of the same. Find cover, shot the bad guys, grind, grab loot, complete missions and level your character up.

Getting to grips with The Division 2 Beta

The game is pretty enough it has that what I call Ubisoft shine to it. The environment is very detailed and portrays a world where society has broken down but has a glimmer of hope to save it and rebuild.

The characters are fine I guess if not a bit plastic looking. You can create your own character at the beginning if you wish to do so or you can randomise your characters look if you’re not too bothered.

Bugs and Glitches Galore

Keep in mind that its The Division 2 Beta so there were be bugs and glitches. There were lots of bugs mainly graphics pop in which I hope they iron out for launch.

I also have a strange moment with another player where his character animation just stopped and he just floated around for a bit. Just check out the video below to see what I mean.

Slidey man glitch

I also encountered some sound issues where the gunfire went silent on me and eventually faded in.

What did I liked about The Division 2 Beta?

I liked a lot about The Division 2 Beta:

  • It was fun to play
  • It’s better to play with friends
  • The character controls fine
  • Large detailed post-apocalyptic open world
  • The environment feels more alive than it did in the original game.
  • Good variety in missions.
  • Multiple Dark Zones, which I didn’t get chance to play.
The Division 2 Beta Gameplay

Can The Division 2 stand out enough in an already crowded open world multiplayer arena? My time with the Beta was fun but it didn’t grab me by the balls and force me to play it.

Who knows Ubisoft managed to turn the original Division around so I have hopes that The Division 2 will find its audience.

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