This Weeks Top 5 No Man’s Sky Tips

This Weeks Top 5 No Man’s Sky Tips

28th November 2016 Off By Bagwag82

No Man’s Sky tips to help you get the most out of Hello Games’ space exploration game. Below are my top five tips for this week.

No Man’s Sky Tips No. 1: Easy Mining Money

The first of the No Man’s Sky tips this week is all about making money as quick as possible through mining. Find planet rich with Emeril. Emeril isn’t the most expensive of minerals compared to some but can bring in some big money.

First of all find a planet that is rich with Emeril. Usually, you will see lots of green blobs or pillars in most directions.

No Man's Sky Tips Emeril Mound - GamingDog

Once you have found your mineral rich planet clear as much out of you exo-suit and starship inventories either buy selling them at space stations or dis-guarding them. I would recommend selling them at a space station. I have noticed that generally, you will get more for you items at a space station than you would on a trading post down planetside.

Ok, now you have all that free space, head on down to that magical planet, park up and mine for Plutonium first. This will ensure you have a plentiful supply of energy for your mining tool.

Once you are happy that you have sufficient amount of Plutonium mine away for your valuable Emeril.

Usually, Emeril pillars go under the surface so be sure to aim downwards while mining.

If your planet has extreme weather or sentinels who are very touchy, mine into the pillar. When you are physically standing inside the pillar this will usually provide you with protection from the elements and from the sentinels.

Another thing to think about when mining is that your starship holds more quantities per slot than your exo-suit. So remember to transfer your minerals to your ships’ inventory now and then.

This may take some time to complete, depending on how many slots you have to fill. Once full head on up to the space station and sell your goods. It the deal is down by a good few percent jump to another system if you have energy in your warp drive and hope the economy is stronger there. Otherwise, just sell and repeat the process again.

No Man’s Sky Tips No. 2: Progress the Atlus Path

It’s so easy to forget about the Atlus path while planet hoping. But if you want to progress the story that is there, then I recommend focusing on either buying or crafting warp cells to advance much more quickly.

No Man's Sky Tips Atlus Path - GamingDog

No Man’s Sky Tips No. 3: We Need a Bigger Ship

This one is a no-brainer really. Starships with a huge number of slots cost millions, but those slots make inventory life much easier. If you follow Tip 1 above and have plenty of grinding patience. Then you could easily accumulate the funds needed.

The most slots I have seen so far on a starship is 33. That is a lot compared to most, but it does come at a cost. I think it was roughly around the 9.5 million mark.

No Man’s Sky Tips No. 4: Avoid Extreme, Violent Planets

Just starting out and not confident to battle the elements just yet. Then if you do land on a planet where sentinels come for you at the slightest cough, then turn around and get off the planet and head in the other direction.

If you are more advanced and have upgraded your slots on your exo-suit and can stock up on energy then you will be able to battle on much more easily.

No Man’s Sky Tips No. 5: Upgrade Your Starship on the Cheap

Ok, so this No Man’s Sky tip seems to be more difficult to make happen. If you don’t have the money to upgrade your ship just yet, you can always fly around planets in the hope that you stumble across a crashed starship. I have only come across two of these in my 60 plus hours play time.

If you do decide to upgrade this way then make sure the crashed ship has a warp drive.

No Man's Sky Space Battle - GamingDog

That’s it for this weeks No Man’s Sky tips. Please feel free to leave your tips in the comments below.

If you missed last week’s top five tips you can check them out.

Happy gaming.