Days Gone Pre-launch Goodness

Days Gone Pre-launch Goodness

16th April 2019 Off By Bagwag82

When Days Gone was first showcased at E3 2016 It was received with a rupture of cheers and applause from the audience. This was mainly due to the new way Days Gone tackled the Zombie apocalypse genre.

Sony’s Bend Studio, creates of the infamous Syphon Filter series, showed a wilderness landscape with our star protagonist, Deacon St. John, being chased by a huge hoard of fast paced Freakers, the name given to the zombie type creatures, through and around a barn and out houses.

Think World War Z type hoards and you will get the idea.

Jump forward to our next glimpse of the game and it looked a very different type of game indeed. The hoards of Freakers we present just seemed a little less engaged. The world we were shown felt a bit quieter and quite dull in comparison to the first time we saw the game.

The game still in develoment received a ton of negative criticism from gamers and industry news outlets. The game appeared to be a very different type of game indeed.

Skip to 2019 and I don’t know if it’s just me but the game looks much better. From the trailers it looks like the hoards of Freakers are back although they do appear a little reduced in numbers.

And we have also been given more inside into the mechanics of the Days Gone world.

Your trusted motorcycle needs to be taken care of. It’s your faithful stead. If you leave it somewhere and wonder off, then you need to go back and get it. However, you can pay a fee to a greasy mechanic at garages who will retrieve it for you.

It has also been revealed that the Days Gone world has its own kind of ecosystem apply called the Freak-o-system.

Basically, the creatures and infected animals of the hunt and attack not only you but also each other making the game an unpredictable adventure for Deacon.

Whether the game was always intended to play in these newer revealed ways from the first trailer or if it was all down to the bad press the game received and Sony’s Bend worked extra hard to bring the game back from the edge of it’s own apocalypse is yet to be seen.

To Sum it up

However, I don’t know why but I have faith Days Gone can pull it out of the bag if the story and characters are strong, the game plays well and the missions are interesting with great set pieces. The game already appears to be very polished in terms of it’s presentation. I guess only time will tell on 26th April. Fingers crossed.

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