Sonic Mania PS4

Sonic Mania PS4

18th June 2019 Off By Bagwag82

I’m so glad Sonic Mania has become available on PlayStation Plus. Since before the game’s launch, I got very excited.

Sonic the Hedgehog is my childhood since I first played it on my sisters Master System many moons ago. The good old days they were indeed.

But when Sonic Mania launched and I didn’t buy it. Usually, when I’m hyped for a new game I dive straight in day one.

The game received rave reviews all around. A return to pure 2D Sonic form. A modern classic.

Perhaps it was the years of so many not so great 3D Sonic games that put me off slightly. Add to that the fact that my money needed to be spent on the house. Priorities and all that.

Then it was released on the Nintendo Switch and each week I went shopping at ASDA I eyed it up on the shelf but then the price kept putting me off as it was more expensive than the PS4 and Xbox One versions. Grrr.

But now I’m so glad i waited.

As soon as I started Sonic Mania on PS4 nostalgia came flooding through. I was worried that my memory of Sonic would be ruined like every other retro game I dabble with. Even PS One games can be ruined for me with nostalgia. I’m looking at you Croc.

Sonic Mania The Same But Different

However, Sonic Mania isn’t a disappointment in the slighted. Built from scratch by Christian Whitehouse, he has managed to capture 2D Sonic perfectly and even improved on the original games.

The levels have the same aesthetic look but have been changed. Such as by adding more loops the loops, making levels bigger, adding new environment elements and challenges.

I like the fact that at the end of each level there is now a boss to beat and each one is unique.

One even has you playing a Tetris style mini-game where you have to win to beat Dr Eggman. Nice stuff.

Sonic Mania Level | PlayStation 4

There are even new levels that have been created to add to the newness of the game.

Another nice touch I liked is how each level continues to the next to help create a seamless transition to the next level.

The music is great too and kept in fitting with the original games.

Retro look Retro Feel

I’m happy that the developers stuck with the sprite style graphics as the original as I can imagine the temptation was there to get the art style of Sonic Generations. So glad they didn’t.

I’ve only been playing for a few hours but I’m already hooked. Sonic Mania is one of those rare games these days that have that addictive just one more go element to it.

Well, I better get back to collecting Chaos Emeralds and saving the world with my trusty sidekick Miles Tails. I fully recommend downloading it through PS Plus or going out and buying the damn game. I can imagine Sonic Mania is perfect for the Nintendo Switch too.

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