Tumble VR on PS4

Tumble VR on PS4

9th July 2019 0 By Bagwag82

If you’re looking for a fun pick-up-and-play game for PlayStation VR then Tumble VR is for you. If you enjoy a good puzzle game or are looking for a game that can help ease you into VR then this is for you.

Believe it or not, this is a game by Supermassive Games, known for horror thriller Until Dawn and on rails horror shooter set in the same universe Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.

Tumble VR Gameplay and Mechanics

There are numerous levels that you have to contend with each presenting more difficult challenges as you progress.

Hands-on gameplay by yours truly, GamingDog

Some of the later levels have you building incredibly tall towers on a slant, which is really tricky. Other levels have you trying to balance pieces on a tilting see-saw like table.

Others have you guiding laser beams into the corresponding colour mirrors in order to match up with a specific coloured goal. These laser puzzles are effectively 2 dimensional. If those puzzles used the 3D space it would have been amazing.

Variety of Modes in Tumble VR

The game includes many modes, including stacking, bridge building, puzzle solving, demolition and more. Also, the 3d space/architecture in the game is really amazing.

Tumble VR on PSVR

After you finish a level, there is often a timed challenge and a challenge to have a block intersect a certain spot in space. There is even a multiplayer vs mode which I haven’t got around to trying yet.

Another mode has you planting several charges on a large structure, and the objective is to blow it up in such a way to send each piece as far from the centre as possible. You get more points the further out the blocks land. 

TumbleVR is a hidden PSVR early gem – 8/10

Upload VR

There’s additional bonuses to be awarded if you can hit certain spots with the debris, or if you can get the piece with a baseball on it out for (effectively) a home-run.

Be prepared to get to get stuck on some of the puzzles and get frustrated but that is part of the challenge.

Great Controls

With the motion controllers, you’re picking items up using a sort of tractor beam. They are quite accurate to use and the perfect way to play the game even if you do look a bit odd if someone watched you play.

Tumble VR Launch Trailer

You can also play with the standard playstation controller. But you get a much better experience with the Move controllers.

Top Ten Tips for Tumble VR:

  1. The weight and friction of blocks is shown on the Dualshock 4 wireless controller when you pick them up. Think about how to use these properties and use heavy blocks to weigh other blocks down.
  2. Some awkward-shaped blocks fit together to make a combination that is much more useful.
  3. In destruction levels it’s important to get blocks into the high-scoring zones. Look for weak points that will make the tower topple sideways.
  4. Look out for jigsaw blocks within levels – they can earn you an easy medal.
  5. If you get stuck on a particular level, look around for other easier medals in the zone. Many levels have an additional bonus level too!
  6. Hidden blocks are essential for completing the final level and are found in levels all over the game. They can be above you, behind you, beneath you or hidden behind things.
  7. If you are the VR player in Versus mode, going for the bonus points on offer is often the best way to victory.
  8. In Versus mode, the blaster power-up is very powerful, especially if you hit the blocks at the top of the VR player’s tower.
  9. Listen carefully to what the drone says at the start of each level. Sometimes it gives little clues about how to tackle the puzzle.
  10. Experiment and have fun. Many puzzles don’t have set solutions. It’s all about trying your own thing and seeing what works.

Taken from the PlayStation Blog


It’s one of the best value games on PS VR – not necessarily the most amazing/exciting use of VR but worth picking up and is usually in a sale on the PS store. Enjoy.

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