Knack PS4: Late to the Party

Knack PS4: Late to the Party

14th May 2019 Off By Bagwag82

When the PS4 launched back in 2013 the lineup of games was alright to be fair. The variety of games were there and there was enough to get people through to the next wave of release.

Amongst the launch line-up was platformer Knack. It was a project that the legendary Paul Cerny was involved with throughout.

You play as Knack who is made up of different bits and pieces. You traverse through the fairly linear levels changing form to tackle the various levels. It kind of reminded me of Kameo, another Rare game back on the XBOX 360.

It’s an average platformer at that but does have a lot of character to it to keep you interested to the end.

There’s a Knack to the Graphics

Knack is a polished game. Looks great and Ideal for the kids. Its easy pick up and play controls make it accessible to players of all ages.

Knack | Playstation Exclusive Game | GamingDog

The character design in Knack is pretty good. They kind of have that Pixar looks about them although apart from the main character, Knack the rest of the characters are pretty forgettable.

The environments throughout the game are pretty enough although I somehow felt they were a bit bland at times.

Knack | GamingDog

Knack Gameplay

During my time with Knack, I learn new tricks and gained cool powers as I battled the Goblin army. Discovered hidden areas and collected lost gadget parts to create new items.

Collecting ancient relics will allow you to gain immense size and strength although if you get hurt you will shrink down in size too.

Knack | GamingDog

The game can also be played in two-player co-op mode although I didn’t play in this mode. Perhaps I should return to see how it plays out. Hmm.

Knack PS4 Summary

I don’t think Knack is a bad game by any means. It’s worth playing through once to get a few trophies before moving on to Knack 2. You can pick it up pretty cheap these days if you missed it when it was free on PS Plus.

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