The Division – Late to the Party

The Division – Late to the Party

28th November 2016 Off By Bagwag82

So I too, along with almost every other gamer out there, got excited for The Division when it was first announced back at E3. That was a couple of years ago. The way your character closed the doors as you stealthily crouched and crept behind a vehicle. The level of detail being shown in the city of New York and that gorgeous snow.

Jump forward a couple of years. The game has launched successfully with high praises all round. Even if the number of rubbish bags displayed on the screen has been reduced and they are still patching the game. It is Ubisoft’s most successful launch to date.

My gaming friends all bought the game at launch and were loving it and ranking up fast, completing mission after mission and having a blast in the Dark Zone.

I waited for a couple of months as I didn’t have an Xbox One at the time. Most of my gaming buddies decided that would be their console of choice to play their copy of the game on.

So on my birthday I got my Xbox One, The Division bundle and started to play. First my time was spent getting to grips with the controls and what everything does in the menus etc. As you do.

Once I was familiar I headed out into the city and began to explore. Completing side missions, tackling Encounters and collecting all the items I could find.

The Division Player stats - GamingDog

The only trouble was it felt a bit lonely. I wanted to play online with my friends. The only trouble was they were all ranked up so high. So therefore if they joined me on my map to complete missions with me then I couldn’t really join in. This was because enemies were too high a level to match my friend’s ranks, meaning that I would die pretty much instantly.

All I could do was hide out of the way while they obliterated the bad guys. It was a bit boring for me to do this and I think they just felt like they were carrying me. It did, however, help me to rank up much more quickly and I appreciate that they took the time to do this for me.

The Division, Taking it easy

On the flip side even if I don’t get to play with my buddies. I feel that I don’t need to rush to complete the game or to level up as quickly as possible. I can take my time with the game and enjoy it more. Even if some random pisses me off occasionally when they’re not playing right.

When I played Destiny I burnt out pretty quickly. I think this was because I played the alpha and the beta tests to death. I only had the full Destiny game for about two weeks before I sold it on eBay. The grind and the amount of little content there was in the launch product was just too much.

I’ve only been playing The Division for a few weeks and it already feels like a much deeper game than Destiny. There’s more to do, discover and complete. Hopefully, it does become too much of a grind further down the line.

On another note, I haven’t yet entered the Dark Zone. Wish me luck.

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