Nintendo Online Service

Nintendo Online Service

3rd November 2018 Off By Bagwag82

Nintendo Online Service has been out in the wild now since September and while most gamers seemed to have dismissed the service, I have jumped in and paid the annual subscription price. These are my thoughts so far.

Nintendo Switch Online trailer

Online Multiplayer 

Well I’ll be honest, the only time I played online before the paywall was to play Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe when i first purchased my Switch. After that i barely played online.

However, I do feel that online multiplayer should be free, for at least another year, or at least until there is a stronger library of online games.

Yes you have Splatoon 2, Fifa 19 and a few other big name games that draw the crowds but I just don’t think it’s enough. It states on the website there are over 120 games that support online play at the time of writing this. The majority of these are not that great many of them shovelware.

I know I will probably get slated for the above paragraph but that’s ok.

Nintendo Online Service Free NES Games

Ok, so we are presented with a catalogue of 20 NES games to start with and then we are being drip fed 3 NES games a month. Oh and of course last month (October 2018) we had a surprise release of a special version of Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo Switch NES Games | GamingDog
The ever expanding online NES library.

I am struggling with this to be honest. I mean they should either add more than 3 games a month. I mean come on the library of NES games is a big one.

At this rate we’ll get to the SNES library when I retire.

I suppose it’s so it encourages us to play them and fill those online leaderboards up otherwise we would just not play them. Then again the other side of that comment is that you can just not play them anyway.

The thing I’ve found with these old retro games is that after years of not playing them, the fond memories you have for them can be shattered in an instant. They are never as good as I remember them. 

The plus side to these games are that Nintendo have added online multiplayer and leaderboards to them to try and entice gamers to be competitive. 

The other gripe is the online connectivity issue where you have to connect to the internet once every 7 days otherwise your progress will be lost forever.

Most people will have there Switch connected to Wi-Fi in docked mode, that’s my assumption anyway. But for me my issue is when I go away on holiday I turn all the plugs off at the wall for safety reasons, meaning if I’m away for longer than a week then I’ve lost everything. 

Just so you know I don’t take console on holiday with me.

Online Game Saves

Many are complaining about having game save locked behind a pay wall. I can understand this. Especially as the internal storage on the Switch is so small.

Yes you can purchase blooming memory cards but surely Nintendo should have included a bigger hard drive. I suppose you don’t have to buy specific memory cards. I’m looking at you Sony.

Online Saves | Nintendo Switch Online Service | GamingDog

The future of the Nintendo Online Service is unknown it a pretty shitty offering as it currently stands.

It’s very early days for the service and the price point does reflect that. So here’s what I’d like to see from the Nintendo Online Service.

Further Gaming…

Seems like I’ve had a good moan about the Nintendo Online Service in this post but I have also mentioned a couple of good points too. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please check out my other posts.

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