Super Mario Odyssey Review

Super Mario Odyssey Review

10th April 2018 Off By Bagwag82

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch is a marvelous game for gamers of all ages. It’s the first Mario 3D platformer since Mario Sunshine and before that Super Mario 64. These previous games are held in high regard and close to the hearts of many Super Mario fans around the world. If Nintendo were to please the fans and appeal to new players at the same time then they had to create a game that is truly superior.

Super Mario Odyssey is something quite special. It takes the classic 3D platforming genre it mastered and originally set the bar high for and smashes it setting the new standard for what a 3D platformer should be.

Super Mario Odyssey – What’s the Story?

The story is as old as time itself. You know the one where Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and Mario has to rescue her. That’s basically it but the reason why Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach is that he wants to marry her. You meet lots of new characters along the way. Some old and others new, including humans.

That’s the gist of the story in a nutshell. Nothing too deep or complex.


This is how it works. Mario and his hat friend Cappy work together in Super Mario Oddysey. As you travel the many worlds Mario needs to use Cappy to his advantage. He does this by throwing Cappy at enemies which you can then control, including a T-Rex. This opens up the doorway for limitless possibilities.

You can also throw Cappy and then jump on him to give you extra bounce to reach those hard to reach places.

Each kingdom is a fun sandbox level that has been meticulously and strategically pieced together. Within these creative and very colourful levels is where the pure platforming magic takes place. You need to explore each level to find all of the Power Moons that have been scattered throughout. Some of these moons are easy to find while others not so much.

Some moons can be easy to reach with a few jumps whereas others are more taxing to get to. Others are gained by completing the many puzzles. Again there’s variety here to help cater for gamers of all levels.

Collecting the Power Moons help you power up your airship called The Odyssey. Once you find enough moons you can continue on your rescue mission to the next world.

It’s a me Luigi

Recently Nintendo released free DLC called Luigi’s Ballon World. What you basically have to do after updating the software is to locate Luigi in the world and go talk to him. You then get to play a game of hide and seek with a balloon. You have a short time limit to hide the ballon in the world before the other player has to go find it and vice versa. Check out the Nintendo video below to see this mode in action.

Super Mario Odyssey a Graphical Marvel?

Super Mario Odyssey looks absolutely terrific in both handheld and docked mode. The graphics are clean, bright and polished. Basically, everything that you expect from a first party Nintendo game. It still goes to show that you don’t need photo realistic graphics to make a game appealing to the masses. Nintendo proves this time and time again with each of their consoles.

Is Super Mario Too Easy?

Ok, so this seems like a silly question. Let me explain. This was what went through my head when I plowed through each kingdom at the speed of a cheetah. I kept thinking I will have completed the game after a few evenings. You see this is my first Nintendo home console playing a home console Mario game. I know, I know throw the rotten cabbage at me if you like but it’s true.

A friend of mine explained to me that like with other Mario games they are never complete when you reach the end level. He was right, I finished the game then bam there’s more. Not as in new words but in that more challenges opened up and then the Power Moon hunt really begins.

Collectables and not a Loot Box in Sight

In Super Mario Odyssey, you not only collect Power Moons but you also should keep your eyes peeled for the purple and gold coins. Collecting these allows you to spend them when you visit the local Crazy Cap shops which you can find in each world.

With your gold coins, you can buy clothes including hats, shirts, trousers, boxer shorts and even a skeleton body. With the purple coins, you can buy more valuable items. You will use some snazzy outfits to access otherwise inaccessible areas.

These items will not stop you from completing the game. This is great especially when we live in a world where many games contain loot box systems or downloadable game packs for real money. It really is nice to play a game without all that fluff shoved right in your face.

Super Mario Odyssey Final Thoughts

I have really enjoyed my time with Super Mario Odyssey. It is a brilliant, smart and incredible game that caters to audiences of all ages. If you haven’t already got a copy then I suggest you do you won’t be disappointed.

Hey, it Must be good as there is even a music video:

Review Roundup

Trusted Reviews: 10/10

Metacritic: 97%

IGN: 10/10

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