Tetris 99: Battle Royale and Tournaments on Nintendo Switch

Tetris 99: Battle Royale and Tournaments on Nintendo Switch

7th March 2019 Off By Bagwag82

Tetris 99 was announced out of the blue during Nintendo’s first Direct of 2019. Amongst the other games and updates announced, this modern battle royale version of the classic Tetris gameplay really stood out from the crowd.

The game pits you against 98 other players attacking eachother while defending your own tetromino board.

It’s Tetris Jim but not as we know it.

To turn Tetris into a battle royale game is a genius idea. It’s fun, fast and furious. It has that just one more go vibe going on. It is a breath of fresh air from all the other shooter battle royale games flying around like Fortnight and Apex Legends.

How’s it Play?

If fact it works really well. it Tetris that you all know and love but with super addictive online multiplayer of last man standing. The action is high octane battling at it’s best.

Tetris 99 exciting battle royale for all the family.

To make things a bit more interesting there are no instructions on how the mechanics work in the game. The developers have left this up to the players to figure out for themselves. Basically, the more that you play then the more of a chance you have at figuring things out.

There have even been whispers of Tetris 99 becoming an eSport though I don’t think the game has enough depth and variety for it to work.

Tetris 99 ‘The Maximus Cup’ Tournament

To spice things up Nintendo announced that there will be tournaments coming to Tetris 99. The first of which kicks off with a prize pool of 999 prizes of 999 My Nintendo Gold Points in Europe.

Tetris 99 gameplay | GamingDog

The very first Tetris 99 tournament starts from 1pm on 8th March until 7am on 11th March. These are UK times.

The game is free for players who pay for the Nintendo Online Service subscription. Which gives everyone another reason to make use of it again. I know I haven’t made much use of it if I’m honest.

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