Top 10 Underrated Nintendo Switch Games

Top 10 Underrated Nintendo Switch Games

15th May 2018 Off By Bagwag82

There are so many great Nintendo Switch games available right now it’s nigh on impossible to find those hidden gems. Rebecca Geizura – Owner of Game Over Box has kindly put together her top ten underrated Nintendo Switch games that you must play.

10. GoNNER

GoNNER is a roguelike video game that features different heads and limbs that can be unlocked over multiple playthroughs of the game. Collecting different body parts allows for larger bullets, faster shooting, and many other abilities. The game is definitely not one to play if you get frustrated easily, because the game may be considered brutally hard. But, there are many rewarding elements if you do play the game.

9. Rive: Ultimate Edition

Rive is a classic 2D side-scrolling platformer mixed with shooting elements. The player can shoot in a full 360 degrees. The player gains the ability to alter the behaviour of the robotic enemies by collecting and uploading hacks. The game has a rather high difficulty and features high scores so players can return after beating the game.

8. Tiny Barbarian DX

In Tiny Barbarian DX, the player is a rather small barbarian that uses swords to slash enemies. The game relies much more on its platforming mechanics with the player swinging on vines to avoid spikes. The game consists of four episodes with different environments and enemies. This indie gem incorporates old-school challenges mixed with modern convinces. It has gorgeous pixel art and a great soundtrack.

7. 1-2-Switch

Seventh on our list of underrated Nintendo Switch games is 1-2-Switch, a party game in which players use audio cues and the functionality of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to play different games. One of the mini-games, Beach Flag, requires players to jog in the spot in order to reach the flag. The controller vibrates when they are at the flag’s location and raise the controller to lift it up. Other mini-games include Air Guitar, Fake Draw, Milk, Samurai Training, and Wizard.

6. Thumper

The objective of Thumper is to guide a space beetle along a single track through a series of interesting worlds. The player must press a button to hit the notes that light up in time with the background music. The player must also jump over spikes, turn against curved walls, and defeat enemies. This rhythm game is quite simple but very addictive.

5. Snake Pass

In Snake Pass, you control a snake named Noodle, maneuvering and curling his body around objects, and navigating intricate obstacles to reach collectibles. There is one catch in this game: since Noodle is a snake, there is no jumping! Snake Pass is an addictive, weird, and wacky puzzle platformer with a great atmosphere.

4. Fast RMX

If you enjoy Mario Kart 8’s gravity-defying perspective, Fast RMX mimics the same elements. All the levels are decorated with blue and orange boost strips, meaning you have to change your vehicle’s color to match to receive the boost. You can chain your boosts together, and the entire screen becomes awash with a blur, challenging yourself to go faster.

3. Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is an 8-bit game. The classic 8-bit games were glitchy and fuzzy, but this game has vibrant pixels and is cleverly detailed. The main character you control is a villain. As an 8-bit game, the levels are varied enough with hidden rooms and optional challenges.

2. I Am Setsuna

Inspired by the classic game Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna is an RPG which players take control of a party of characters. The player must navigate through environments from a top-down perspective. It has a somber atmosphere, tragic plot, and whimsical piano music.

1. Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap is a remake of the 1989 original for Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear. The side-scroller game has beautiful hand-drawn graphics and musical rearrangements. Players control an adventurer, who, after defeating the Mecha Dragon, has become afflicted with a curse that turned him into a Lizard-Man. The player must travel the world and defeat all the other dragons in the land in order to return to human form. Over the course of the game, the player acquires new animal forms, each with a different set of abilities. Wonder Boy: Dragon’s Trap is one of the best retro remakes for the Nintendo Switch.

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