Resident Evil HD Remastered – Finally Completed

Resident Evil HD Remastered – Finally Completed

20th February 2018 Off By Bagwag82

My first experience of Resident Evil is when I purchased it on my original PlayStation One in 1996. I was underage and had to get my parents to get it for me.

That evening I popped the original Resident Evil into the PS One and turned the lights off to get the full effect of this survival horror masterpiece.

I must admit Resident Evil did scare the pants off me. It was new and fresh. Before this there was the Alone in the Dark games, but they looked dated and weren’t a patch on what Resident Evil had achieved graphically as well as technically with the genre.

From memory, I remember playing for quite a bit but died a lot just because I didn’t ration my ammo and health.

Being younger back then my attention span was much less than it is these days. I remember getting to the point where I hadn’t got enough health or ammo to progress any further. This also meant I didn’t have the patience to revert to a previous earlier save or to start the game again. Ultimately, I threw in the towel and traded in Resident Evil at my local game shop.

Early last year there was a sale on the PlayStation Store for the Resident Evil HD and Resident Evil Zero double pack. So I thought I’d give it a second chance.

This Tim however, I knew I would fail again but wanted to complete the story. So I found a great walkthrough on YouTube by Mike Bettencourt. This guy takes his time, is very clear and is quite funny at times.

I chose Jill Valentine to work my way through Resident Evil HD. I know it’s cheating using the Resident Evil HD walkthrough videos but I don’t care I really enjoyed myself playing this way. To be completely honest there is no way I could figure out the puzzles without the walkthrough.

Check out my video below showing my gameplay footage of Resident Evil HD.

This way I played through at a steady pace and even picked up some of the trophies that I would have otherwise missed. And you know what I feel like I have achieved something after 20 years

Even though Resident Evil HD is looking a bit tired these days it is still worthy of your time. Even better if you pick up the double pack on offer.

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