Destiny 2 Open Beta: First Impression on PlayStation 4

Destiny 2 Open Beta: First Impression on PlayStation 4

6th August 2017 Off By Bagwag82

Destiny 2 is beautiful to look at with exciting frantic gameplay.

These are my first impressions of Destiny 2 based on the open beta.

First of all, there’s no denying that Destiny 2 has been drastically improved in the graphics department. I played the open beta on the standard original PlayStation 4 so I can only imagine what the game looks like on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Feel free to tell me all about it in the comments section below.

Destiny 2: A Visual Marvel?

The visuals are much richer in colour and the textures are full of high detail. Pretty much what you would expect from a sequel to a huge blockbuster game such as Destiny.

If I have to say one thing bad about the graphics, for me it is the overuse of lens flare. It obstructs my line of sight more often than not. Perhaps I should look at it as a new challenge to overcome and #gitgud.

The trouble for me is that I’m not that great at first person shooters at the best of times so this graphical effect is something I will have to just #dealwithit.

Animations look as great and the new enemies look menacing too. They give me the impression they are a force to be reckoned with, even if their heads do remind me of guinea pigs. 🙂

Destiny 2s Homecoming Mission

Destiny 2s story mission, Homecoming, available in the beta, makes me feel much more involved than the original. It draws me in and makes me want to find out what happens next in the story.

My only hope is that the main story will be fleshed out way more than the story in the original Destiny, where Activision literally stripped out most of it. I suppose we’ll all find out come launch day 6th September.

Also, I’m not sure if it was just because it is the opening mission to the game but it feels quite linear from a level design point of view. I suppose that is intended to keep the story flowing throughout this particular mission. I’m guessing there will be a more open feel in later missions.

Crucible – Destiny 2 Multiplayer

As any Destiny player will know the Crucible is the Destiny multiplayer hub. It allows guardians to team up to play against each other in various game modes. The beta gave us a couple of options, Control, also known as capture the flag in every other first person shooter, I played on the Endless Vale map and Countdown, that was played on the Midtown map.

Both maps and game modes were a lot of fun and well thought out. Each map you can tackle via many routes from ground level to up high. They were both enjoyable even though I’m terrible at multiplayer. Just check out the Crucible videos in this article for my appalling skills.

Destiny 2 Launch

The Destiny 2 open beta proved a lot of fun for sure. We know that content will be released in expansions pretty much in the same way as it was for Destiny 1. Let’s hope that there is enough substance to what is officially released as the launch game.

Get ready guardians.