Late to the Party: The Order: 1886 – PlayStation 4

Late to the Party: The Order: 1886 – PlayStation 4

21st September 2017 Off By Bagwag82

The Order: 1886 is a game worthy of your time but not at full price.

This game has been on my radar from since it was announced back at E3 2013. I like everyone else got all excited by the reveal trailer. It looked incredible.

The Order: 1886, A Great Idea, Not Executed in the Best Way

The eccentric mix of Victorian setting along with guns and gadgets created perfectly to fit in with that place and time. This, along with werewolves and old King Arther knights, was fresh and an exciting prospect to say the least.

Unfortunately, when the game was released in February 2015 it was welcomed with negative comments and poor reviews.

The main gripe players had was the length of the game which was followed by annoyances of the actual amount of gameplay involved in the game.

Many saw the game as an interactive movie of sorts with quick time events at every turn. Yet I’m guessing these people have never played Ryse: Son of Rome. That game is one huge quick time event from start to finish.

All this negativity turned me off. The stand proud excitement quickly became brewers droop. I just said to myself that I would pick The Order: 1886 up later. When it ends up in the bargain bins or at least becomes below a tenner on eBay.

So here I am now. I have the game in all its glory and have played it through from start to finish.

Not a Perfect Game

The issues people had with the game were justified, the game is short, there is a lot of quick time movie events and the gameplay does really only involve you moving through back streets, roof tops, sewers and dungeons shooting away at werewolves and bad guys. Which is very limiting.

But I believe that you have to look past all that and look at it for what it is. An interesting way to tell a story through the medium of a video game.

I know not everyone will agree with me on this, especially the people who purchased the game full price.

The game isn’t worth a full big budget triple A retail price but for under £10, it is still worthy of your time.

It is a beautiful game and at the time of release was probably one of the most gorgeous looking games out there. The Order: 1886 has obviously been outshone in this area by the likes of games such as Horizon Zero Dawn.

The story is where it’s really at with this game though. Just pick up a pad and enjoy the cinematic experience.

No Sequel Incoming

I doubt very much that Sony will ever give the green light for a sequel purely because of the reception for the game wasn’t great. If the game had more depth, larger playing areas, a great combat system or maybe if it was made in the style of a Dark Souls game, it may have had a chance at greatness.

What did you think of the game? How could the developers have made a great game rather than a mediocre on? Let us know in the comments below.