No Man’s Sky PS4 – It’s Finally Here

No Man’s Sky PS4 – It’s Finally Here

28th November 2016 Off By Bagwag82

No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC now available, it’s been a long and extremely frustrating wait. First of Hello games kept tight-lipped about the launch date and then the game was hit with delay after delay.

The final launch date was set, August 10th was the date and the gaming world went into meltdown with excitement.

Over the months leading up to launch the PR was in full swing with Sean Murray interviews popping up left, right and centre.

The questions were coming thick and fast.

“What do you actually do in No Man’s Sky?”
“Can I craft weapons?”
“Can you play with your friends?
“Is there a multiplayer element or is it purely single player?”
“Can you play the game without ever landing on a planet?”

I bet Sean’s glad the game is finally out now.

No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC has Landed

No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC, the game is finally released for everyone to enjoy. The game starts off with you crashed and alone on a random planet. The main thing you will quickly learn is that you need to switch on your survival head. You need to repair your starship, craft parts to make it fly, all at the same time as trying to keep yourself alive on the planet. Once you get off your first planet the universe is yours to explore.

Slick and Colourful

The games’ style is excellent. It’s a slick, stylish and authentic game set in a super massive universe. It really captures that old sci-fi novel cover art style perfectly. It’s like looking at a book cover that moves. The palette is simple but is also detailed enough to provide variety.

No Man's Sky - Gaming Dog

As the game is procedurally generated it is always exciting to see what new creature or planet you will discover. This curiosity is what drives you to explore new worlds, mine rocks and minerals from planets, moons and asteroids, craft new materials, weapons and spacecraft, trade with other traders at different spaceports and upgrade your attire, weaponry and vessel.

Four ways to play

The Explorer

Explore as many planets as you can, discovering and cataloguing the many diverse creatures and plant life on each of them. You will also discover scattered throughout the universe the game lore where you can learn about different alien species and the history of the No Man’s Sky universe.

The Trader

Hop from one space station to another trading with other traders that are travelling the galaxy. Head down to a planet mine, craft and head back to the stations and sell your goods. Though watch out for those pesky pirates trying to steal your hard earned goods.

No Man's Sky Creatures - GamingDog

The Fighter

Get your ship and fly around the universe upgrading your armour and ship, fighting others that cross your path and steal their goods while you are at it. And why not, it would be rude not too.

The Survivor

This one isn’t really another way to play as such. It is part of the overall game no matter what you do. You could land on a planet and the air is toxic. You could be on a planet and get attacked by some strange unusual creature. You could have pissed off the sentinels and need to escape the planet as they are firing at your ass. Or you could be attacked by space pirates after your hard earned loot.

So what’s the End Game

It is possible to never complete the game and just continue on your travels, but the main objective is to make your way on your adventures to reach the centre of the universe. It is unknown yet what we will encounter when we get there at the moment but I’m sure someone will get there in the fastest time ever making headlines on the big gaming news websites.

It would be quite funny if it was revealed that you need to travel back to the edge of the universe. Or maybe there is a supermassive black hole that you have to go through. This would turn out to be a wormhole to a second universe that you have to get to the centre of with a completely different look and feel. I very much doubt it.

No Man's Sky PS4 - Alien - GamingDog

Laying down the Lore

The developers / creators of the game have added another level of depth to No Man’s Sky in the form of the universe lore. These snippets of information can be discovered right across the galaxy.

So what now?

Now that No Man’s Sky PS4 and PC is out, I personally intend to play the game as an explorer, fighter and trader. I want to discover as much as I possibly can but at the same time make the most of the trading and getting the best possible items and ships and now and then go rogue. I can tell this game is going to keep me busy for quite some time.

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