Ubisoft’s E3 Conference 2017 – My Highlights

Ubisoft’s E3 Conference 2017 – My Highlights

2nd July 2017 Off By Bagwag82

Although the usual presenter was absent this year, Ubisoft’s e3 conference carried on regardless. I found it entertaining and felt Ubisoft did warrant its own conference simply because they had a decent catalogue of games to show off. This blog is to point out what were the highlights for me. Again, like most of the conferences, there were many sequels. I suppose if the franchise sells it is inevitable.

The Crew 2 and Assassins Creed Origins were the stand out announcements for me. They both looked beautiful, exciting and you could tell that a lot of effort has gone into these games. They actually look and feel like sequels, rather than just a yearly upgrade, if that makes sense.

Even though there were a lot of sequels, there were a couple of new IPs to whet our appetites. Highlights here included Ubisoft’s Mario cross Rabbids game, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for Nintendo’s Switch.

Transference was their latest virtual reality game teased starring Elijah Wood. Not much else is known about this one yet, but it has me intrigued.

Skulls and Bones is another surprise. Ubisoft has taken the sailing parts of the Assassins Creed games and made it into a fully-fledged pirate game with depth. I’m not one for pirates, it’s just not my thing, but I’m sure many will dig it.

Announced Games and Release Dates

Here’s the full list of games and their release dates that were shown off during the conference.

Assassins Creed – 27th October 2017
The Crew 2 – Early 2018
Just Dance 2018 – 24th October 2017
Far Cry 5 – 27th February 2018
Skulls and Bones – Autumn 2018
Steep Road to the something Olympics
Beyond Good and Evil – TBC
Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – 29th August 2017
Transference – Spring 2018
Starlink: Battle for Atlas – Autumn 2018
South Park the Fractured But Whole – 17th October 2017