Hyper Void VR Levels DLC

Hyper Void VR Levels DLC

22nd May 2018 Off By Bagwag82

The standard Hyper Void game is a fun arcade shooter that was free on PS Plus a while back now. What I didn’t realise was that because I owned the standard version of the game I was also entitled to the Hyper Void VR levels DLC absolutely free of charge. Happy days.

In the game, you are flying on a mesh style field that warps and changes shape as you travel into the screen shooting oncoming enemy alien spacecraft. Think of the classic game Tempest and you are along the right lines or you can just watch my videos above and below. The Hyper Void video above contains commentary. This was my first video with commentary so I’m looking to improve over time so don’t judge me too harshly will you. 🙂

So, I downloaded the DLC and popped on my headset. Again as anyone who has played games in VR would know you become immersed to a point but not to the levels of immersion in games such as Skyrim or WipEout VR.

The point of view here is outside behind your ship. It’s not a bad view but sometimes when you move your ship left and right it can go out of view. Maybe they should have added a first-person view option. Then again this may make you feel a bit sick when moving fast and turning upside down. On that note for me, there is zero motion sickness in this game.

Hyper Void VR Levels

The Hyper Void VR  levels DLC contains 9 levels in total. You can play Each level in both standard and hyper mode. I prefer the hyper mode. There are more enemies and the graphical effects are a bit flashier. That’s about it for the differences between the 2 modes.

There are also secret orbs to find and blast in the levels. Nothing too exciting to be fair.

The game’s a fun little pickup and play type of game so if you’re pushed for time this is for you and don’t forget you don’t have to play in VR either so the choice is yours.


If you want to try something a bit different in VR then I think you will find it enjoyable. I wouldn’t buy the game full price either so if you spot it on digital sale then pick it up.

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