Pixel Gear Review on PlayStation VR

Pixel Gear Review on PlayStation VR

9th January 2018 Off By Bagwag82

Let’s be clear Pixel Gear for Playstation VR is a small game. If you’re expecting something the size and scale of Skyrim VR then you’ll be better off looking somewhere else.

Pixel Gear – What’s it about?

Pixel Gear is a shooting gallery game which contains three single-player levels and a multiplayer mode.

Each level has three settings of difficulty that become more and more challenging. The aim of the game is to blast away each wave of monsters and defeat the end of level boss to gain the highest score possible.

Pixel Gear End of Level Boss

Pixel Gear end of level boss on PlayStation VR

As you play each level you have the option to collect gold coins. You can do this by hitting ghosts that float up into the sky with your bullets. These coins allow you purchase special powerups and upgrade your weapon.

The variety of enemies are limited and the same throughout each level. These include goblins, skeletons flying bomb bats and more. I hoped that the enemies would be different for each level. Purely because each level is slightly different. You have The Forest, The Castle and The North Pole so a bit of enemy variety wouldn’t go amiss.

Do the locomotion, or not

There is no movement in the game as you are stationary throughout. This makes the game a pure gallery shooter. Although, if they made a sequel, it would be nice to have the option of stationary, teleportation and full locomotion.

It’s great to be able to play another game using the PlayStation Move controllers. I think they add more depth to PlayStation VR games, especially shooting gallery games. The controls work well here just as they do in Rush of Blood.

As you can see from the video below, Pixel Gear takes it’s visual style from the likes of Minecraft and Trove. It’s well presented, charming and most of all fun to play.

The downside is that content is a little thin. I’m hoping one day they release more levels as DLC or even make a larger sequel with new levels and modes and maybe even a version in the form of a true fps game where you can maneuver around exciting and well thought out maps.

Pixel Gear Trophy List

10  9  7  1 – Difficulty Level: Easy

Gold Trophies 

Silver Trophies 

  • The Forest
  • The Castle
  • The North Pole
  • Hunter-of-Ghosts
  • Combo Eddy
  • Grade: SSS
  • Batzooka


  • Frankenstein is mine
  • Only one Arthur
  • Bone Dance
  • Don’t believe in Fairy Tales
  • Grade: SS
  • Ricochet!
  • Grade: S
  • Grade: A
  • Thousand-Ghost-Stare

Bronze Trophies 

Platinum Trophy 

  • Ghosticide
  • Boomshakalaka
  • Grade: B
  • Grade: C
  • Ghost Town
  • Off with his head!
  • Last Straw…
  • The gift that keeps on givin’
  • Go for the halo
  • Rich Rich
  • Trophy Master







Pixel Gear Summary

Pixel Gear is a fun little game that could do with more levels. Although the game is light on content there is replayability here, even if it is just to collect all the trophies for that platinum. I would recommend having a blast but only if you see it in a sale on the PlayStation Store. Here’s hoping for a sequel.

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