Robinson: The Journey – PlayStation VR Review

Robinson: The Journey – PlayStation VR Review

20th October 2018 Off By Bagwag82

I loved dinosaurs as a kid and I love sci-fi so when you put the two together for me you get a perfect mix for a game. That to me is what Robinson: The Journey is.

Robinson: The Journey What’s it About?

Your escape pod settles on a Tyson III after your mothership, the Esmeralda, is crash-lands. You are Robin a young boy lost. You need to explore the planet looking for the lost crew relying on your wit and HIGS, an AI unit from the ship to survive. Meanwhile, you will contend with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

The game is set in a number of different areas. The tar pit, the farm and the jungle are to name just a few. As you survive you need to use your scanner to catalogue the many prehistoric creatures including worms, butterflies and dragonflies. It’s not just insects you scan there are also a number of dinosaurs too including Velociraptors, Brachiosaurs, T Rex and more.

Climbing plays a big part of the game as you battle cliffs and mammoth trees. The controls to manage this is quite simple really. You look to where you want to position your hand and then press the left or right trigger on your controller depending on which hand it is you’re moving.

The other part of the gameplay are the puzzles such as finding certain objects or viewing the landscape from an aerial view via HIGS and connecting the cables to provide power to various units.

Unfortunately,  this alone though doesn’t provide enough depth to the game. It feels like there is something missing, maybe more variety wouldn’t go a miss.

What’s it look like?

The game is beautiful to look at and to play. It is probably one of the best looking VR games for Playstation VR. Although it can feel a little bit wasted because of the resolution in the headset.

The game world is lovely and when you’re head on with a humungous Brachiosaurs head in front of you, you really feel as though you can reach out and touch it.

I’m not going to lie. I did suffer from sickness with this game after about 10 minutes of playtime. But with regular breaks to manage the sickness, you can to stay in the game for longer. I can now stay in the game for over an hour at a time.

So the trick is to keep trying and eventually you will find your VR legs.


Robinson: The Journey isn’t the deepest of games and gameplay has its limits. Don’t let this put you off. It is worth a try but not at the full retail price. If you see it on discount anywhere pick it up and give it a try.