WipEout VR Equals Mind Blown

WipEout VR Equals Mind Blown

2nd April 2018 Off By Bagwag82

WipEout VR, just wow. It’s not only a great game to play but it’s also a fantastic virtual reality experience.

WipEout Omega Collection kind of slipped under my radar when it came out. It wasn’t until the announcement of full VR support that it caught my attention. For me, this was going to be a no-brainer. I had been waiting for the next full game for VR to sink my teeth in to.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR and Resident Evil 7 were and still are amazing games in VR. These are the kind of gaming experiences I had been dreaming of since I was a little kid. A game that I could get lost in and be in.

After Skyrim, the next full game in VR I purchased was Dirt Rally VR. I was amazed they could port the complete game to VR. However, Dirt Rally VR gave me full on nausea. After just one race I couldn’t cope, so I turned it off.

Because of this experience, I was a little anxious about playing WipEout VR. Other VR games don’t make me feel sick while only a few do.

Anyway, so I bought a physical copy of WipEout Omega Collection from Tesco for a bargain price of £10 in December. At that price point, I couldn’t resist. I thought to myself if it does make me feel ill in VR then at least I’ll still have the standard game to get stuck into.

When I got home I had a quick blast on it to see how the game was before turning it off and putting it on the shelf. I wanted to keep the game for the full on VR experience.

I’m glad I did, when I found out the VR update had been released I couldn’t believe it. I thought they would have announced it beforehand. I was at work at the time, tapping away at my keyboard, so when I heard the news my productivity went out of the window, I couldn’t wait to get home to play.

WipEout VR, It Is Time

So I finally get home and turn on my setup, download the update and start the game.

This was it. I have my headset on looking at the main menu screen and just marvel at the ships in the background flying towards me. As the first ship approaches it goes into slow motion along with the sound. I turn my head and watch this ship slowly passing me by then it shoots off into the distance. Amazing and I hadn’t even started the game.

WipeOut Omega Collection - WipeOut VR - GamingDog

I navigate through the menus select a track and ship and press start. I started with a simple race just to get a feel for how it plays and to get my bearings.

The race track loads and I’m sitting in the cockpit. I look around taking it all in. First, the controls and HUD, then my arms and legs and finally I’m drawn to look outside the cockpit at the starting grid and the huge cityscape before me. I’m in awe. It is truly mind-blowing. The excitement inside me reaches fever pitch.

I press X to start the race and then boom we’re off darting forward at speed. Turning corners and zipping up and down hills, gaining boosts and picking up weapons.

That moment as you approach another ship and as you overtake you turn your head to look at it as you pass by is a moment for me.

WipEout VR: Let The Battle Commence

When you play a battle race it becomes total mayhem. In a good way of course. You hear the lady assistant say “rockets” but you can’t see them. Then as you turn, one flies over your cockpit and blasts the player in front of you.

Bombs, quakes, pulsars, bullets and more, it’s going on all around you. At times its just breathtaking. You’re in the game, in the cockpit, flying a ship around futuristic tracks battling and racing other players and all to one hell of a soundtrack.

You can watch the broadcast of my first experience with WipEout Omega Collection in VR in my video below. Also, I’d really appreciate a like and subscribe. Thank you in advance.

WipEout VR is on another level, it sets the bar for what developers can achieve on the PlayStation VR let’s hope other developers take note.

WipEout Omega Collection in virtual reality is a truly exhilarating experience if not the best VR experience I’ve had on PSVR. If there’s one game that you should add to your most wanted list then this is it.

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