Retro Gaming: Split Second Velocity

Retro Gaming: Split Second Velocity

26th March 2019 Off By Bagwag82

Arcade racer Split Second Velocity was released 18th May 2010. It’s one of the better arcade racers out at the time. These days it seems like the arcade racer has died a death.

The idea behind the game is win win win all the while building up your meter that once a segment is full you can activate explosions, drop bombs from hovering helicopters and more.

Boom, Boom, Boom in a Split Second

The real star of the show is the environments. Once you completely fill up your meter and the the activation button appears and you press the button. Then it’s explosions galore. Bridges collapse, War ships slide across the track, Trains crash off the tracks, airport radar towers crumble to the ground changes the course of the race.

Split Second Velocity | GamingDog

It’s all pretty spectacular and in proper Hollywood blockbuster style. The graphics are pretty for the time which can only help lift the dramatics going on around the track.

There are more tracks than you can shake a steeringwheel at with tons of variety. This along with the competitive AI makes the game truly special and such a gem of a game.

Split Second Velocity | GamingDog

Split Second came out around the same time as Blur. Another semi-arcade racer that was good but just wasn’t as fun as this racer. You can pick it up pretty cheaply these days for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Unfortunately, Disney never made a sequel which is a real shame as building on what they had already created could have been something extremely special indeed.

Split Second Velocity | GamingDog

Summary in a Split Second Velocity

Split Second Velocity is a real hidden gem of an arcade racer that you should try out you won’t be disappointed if this sounds right up your street.

If you own an Xbox One then you can play it via the backwards compatibility programme.

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