Contrast Game Review

Contrast Game Review

11th October 2018 Off By Bagwag82

Contrast is a game by Compulsion Games set in a Noir-inspired world. I had never heard of the game until it was available as one of the PS+ games.

What’s the Story

The story is set in the 1920s and you are the imaginary friend of a little girl named Didi who loves adventures and mischief. She lives with her mother Kat. Her father left them a while ago and Didi wants him to come back home.

Her mother is doing everything she can to support them both by singing in cabarets. Rumours spread around town that Didi’s father is back in town. This is when Didi and your adventure begins to search for her father.

Contrast Game Graphics

The style and tone of the graphics throughout Contrast are dark and moody. It reminds me of an old smokey jazz bar back in the 1940s that you see in movies. The graphics are not exactly next gen but they are great for an indie game.


You play as Dawn Didi’s imaginary friend. Dawn can jump between the physical world and the shadow world and this is what the mechanics of the whole game are based around. As the story unfolds you must solve puzzles by moving objects in the physical world to create pathways within the shadow world to reach your destination. This is a fun and unique style of gameplay that is welcomed.

There are a number of collectables throughout the game, so if you want to complete the game to 100% then you really need to do some exploring.


The game itself is fun to play through until you find all collectables then you wouldn’t really feel the need to pick it up again. You can choose to return the chapters that you have previously completed so finding the items you missed on your first playthrough will be much quicker than if you had to play through from the beginning again.

It comes as no surprise really, due to the style and genre of the game that there are no online components.

Contrast Game Final Thoughts

Contrast is a unique game that stands out from the crowd and it is fun to play, but once you have completed the game and collected every hidden item, there really is nothing to make you want to return to the game.