Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review – Playstation VR

18th July 2017 0 By Bagwag82

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood review, get your Moves at the ready.

I loved Until Dawn it is a fun game with twists and turns throughout. When PSVR was showcased and along with the games, Until Dawn – Rush of Blood didn’t jump out at me. I just brushed it off as an on-rails shooter that would be no fun at all.

I was wrong. The game is so much fun. Yes, it is an on-rails shooter but when you put the PSVR headset on and you grab those move controllers and begin the ride you become so immersed in the Until Dawn world.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review – What’s it about?

The Until Dawn spin-off puts you in the seat on a horror themed roller coaster at a carnival. As you play each level and progress the game becomes more and more intense.

It contains seven rollercoaster rides which take you through some familiar locations from the original Until Dawn game and some new locations. It makes you jump, duck, move and dodge things coming towards you. You can play them in the correct order in the story mode or you can pick and choose which level you want to play.

Weapons at your disposal do the and include handguns, machine guns and grenade launchers. The game is dark and creepy. Using the PlayStation Move controllers add more depth and accuracy to the game.

The one and only issue I have with the game is quite often you need to reset the positioning otherwise your in-game hands can go all wonky.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review – Conclusion

Until Dawn – Rush of Blood is a fun game with all your cliche jumps and scares that would expect from a horror game. If you are going to play with the PlayStation Move controllers for added depth and immersion. The game is definitely worth your money and has a lot of replayability to get the highest scores.

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