Stadia From Google, Next-Gen Gaming or Passing Phase?

Stadia From Google, Next-Gen Gaming or Passing Phase?

19th March 2019 Off By Bagwag82

Stadia the new gaming platform from Google has been announced. Can it compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo or will it fall by the wayside just like OnLive?

What is Stadia?

Stadia is a brand spanking new gaming platform from Google that uses cutting edge cloud technology to deliver gaming to screens of all sizes.

You may think we’ve heard it all before with OnLive, which turned out to be one giant fail. The difference with Stadia is that it uses Googles very own cloud infrastructure to deliver the best results possible.

What are the Stadia Specs?

At launch, games will run up to 60 frames per second, 4K and in HDR. Although over time this will increase with the demand to up to 8K and beyond.

The GPU of Stadia is said to run at speeds more than that of both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X combined at 10.7 Teraflops. Wowsers.

The most powerful gaming platform ever.

Games are run in Googles data centres around the world. This means there isn’t any need for a console under the TV. This allows users to play on any screen including TV, mobile devices, laptops and more using a controller specifically designed for the Stadia gaming platform.

Stadia gaming platform on any device anywhere.

What Does Stadia Mean for Developers?

With Stadia using Googles cloud technology, this allows for the latest tech to be integrated over time allows developers and creators to fully realise they vision to their fullest potential.

Multiple GPUs can be used to create stunning games. One example on display at the presentation was a comparison of running water in a combat scene. One side showed how the scene runs using just one GPU and the other side displayed how the scene looks and runs with multiple GPUs.

A single GPU to the left, multiple GPUs to the Right.

Water is a resource-intensive element to reproduce in a game environment and Stadia with multiple GPUs appears to handle this with ease. The result is impressive.

Multiplayer Gaming on Stadia

Google was sure to hammer home what Stadia meant for multiplayer gaming. The power of Stadia will allow new ways to play multiplayer gaming. Imagine playing the latest battle royale game with no only one hundred players but how about 1000 players?

Another demo called The Night Forest showed how different players could each have different roles within the world.

Another point Google made sure they got across was it will be completely cross-platform play supported.

The Stadia Controller

Ok so even though there isn’t a console under the TV you will still need a universal controller available which is exactly what we are being given.

As you can see from the image below the shape of the Stadia controller is in a similar form as the PS4 and Xbox controller.

The Stadia controller in a variety of three colours.

Google called the controller innovative although I don’t see it myself. The standard buttons are all here along with a capture button and a Google Assistant button.

Capture Button

Google said the capture button will allow you to share instantly on YouTube or keep the moment for yourself to look back on in the future.

Google Assistant Button

The Google Assistant button will allow you to instantly search for game help on YouTube to get you out of those tricky moments all without leaving the game.

YouTube Integration

Google said Stadia will have strong integration with YouTube. They understand that watching people play games is just as huge as actually playing them.

While watching someone play a game you can then click a button on the stream and you will be added into a queue to join them. Pretty cool.

While watching a trailer for a game you can simply click a button to Play Now and according to Google, it will take 5 seconds for the game to begin. Speedy

Play Now button in a trailer for Assassins Creed Odyssey.

State Share will allow plays to create various game states that can be shared with others in a link so they can pick up and play what you are sharing with them.

I suppose if you think about it, it’s a bit similar to how Nintendo are releasing Special versions of the NES games. Where you can start the game fully loaded out or at the last level that kind of thing.

When is Stadia Released?

Stadia will be released to the public sooner than you think, this year 2019!

What About Stadia Games?

During the presentation, developer id took to the stage to talk about how they have Doom Ultimate up and running on Stadia.

Doom Eternal on Stadia

Also with a strong presence of Assassins Creed Odyssey in the presentation, you can guarantee Ubisoft will be bringing all their games to the platform.

The presentation really wasn’t about the games at this point the games will be talked about in more detail in the summer, E3 anyone?

What does Stadia mean for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo?

Well, this is now the burning question. Actually, there are now a number of questions that will only be answered over the coming year. Here are a few of my own questions:

Will the announcement of Stadia and its power now force Sony and Microsoft’s hand to unveil their own next-generation plans?

Microsoft has already announced they are working on their very own game streaming service with Project X. Will this be able to compete with Stadia?

Will Sony surprise everyone with huge investments in their very own game streaming service, PlayStation Now? Will they announce an overhaul of the service or will they allow it to fall by the wayside?

Whatever happens next will make for very interesting watching. I have a strong feeling that all the console companies will be scrambling about the office after the Stadia announcement. They knew something was coming but they just didn’t know what.

All that’s left to do now it for them to show their cards.