Gears of War 4 Beta – Multiplayer Experience

Gears of War 4 Beta – Multiplayer Experience

27th November 2016 Off By Bagwag82

This is my initial impressions of Gear of War 4 during the Beta test.

The first time I played Gears of War was back in 2006 on my Xbox 360. It was new and exciting with chunky style characters and shaky journalist style camera. It was fun but I personally found it quite difficult. I think it’s just that I and shooters, in general, don’t get on. Whether it be third person view or first person view.

I battled on, trying my best. But I died and died and died. Then so did my Xbox 360 with that dreaded red ring of death. Grrr. I then sent it off to Germany to get it fixed under warranty.

It came back supposedly fixed. I excitedly popped in Gears of War into the disc tray and then straight away, boom, red ring of death.

So I gave up and flogged my Xbox 360 on eBay and bought a Ps3 instead. I have both an Xbox One and Ps4 now so please don’t call me a fanboy. I like to see all the consoles do well.

Present Day Gears of War

Anyway back to today. I now have an Xbox One with the Gears of War 4 Beta installed on it.

I thought ok let’s give this a blast and yes would you believe it, I’m still as shit as ever, just like I was before. Even more so with online multiplayer. Online multiplayer shooters are really not my fortay. It’s like I have no co-ordination and my lightning quick reflexes are none existent 🙂

Never mind though as I managed to stick it out for a couple of hours, after dying a hell of a lot. Take a look at my videos just to see how bad I am. I mean seriously come on now.

Positive Thinking

On a brighter note, I can give quite a few positive thoughts and reactions of the beta.

The character models are great with lots of detail and are well animated. I actually preferred the swarm characters than the cogs. I just thought they were more interesting.

The three maps I were playing on, Harbour, Dam and Foundation, were well thought out, detailed with lots of places to take cover as you’d expect from a cover based shooter, even if they felt a little on the small side. Maybe there will be a few bigger maps in the full game. Epic plans to release new makes every move after launch. I’m guessing they will be remastered version of maps from previous games.

There we some glitches I noticed but nothing life-threatening. One, in particular, saw a guy get destroyed into many gory pieces while his gun was just sticking out half way up a box. You can see that in my video below.

The characters controlled with ease and at 60fps were nice and smooth and the controls were very responsive, just as you would expect from this type of game.

The sound was clear, crisp, atmospheric and cinematic, although I’m not sure if it was just me, sometimes the sound of gunfire no matter how close or far away it was from your character, sounded like it was right next to you. I wasn’t using a headset, I had sound coming through my soundbar, but still, I don’t think that would have made much of a difference.

Final thoughts

This was only a small sample of the multiplayer but you can tell that this was a Gears of War game. I’m sure that when the full game is released October 11th 2016 it will score highly. And although I don’t think this game is for me, it will definitely be perfect for millions of Gears of War fans out there.