Project Cars – Late to the Party

Project Cars – Late to the Party

30th July 2017 Off By Bagwag82

Project Cars, oh wow, where do I begin? I suppose the beginning is as good a place to start as any.

Way back in 2014, a gaming buddy of mine mentioned to me about this racing game that was being developed. It was one of the most ambitious driving games ever being made. Project Cars.

I looked it up and there it was in all its development glory. My friend and I created a Google+ community. We used it to share anything we could find on the internet about Slightly Mad Studios game.

Over time more and more people joined the community and people began to share their own bits and pieces.

We continued to the community right up until launch. Then I never bought the game. I just never got round to it I had a huge backlog of games to play through before I could even contemplate starting Project Cars.

Fast forward a couple of years and Microsoft gave the game away as one of its Games with Gold offerings. So I thought I’d give it a blast.

Oh, boy, have I been missing out.

Carving out a Career in Project Cars

I booted up the game and took a deep breath looked at the confusing menus to get my bearings and chose career.

I didn’t realise you started in a karting championship. My first thoughts were wow this is going to be a long journey.

But after my first race and once I was finishing first place after getting used to the feel of the kart and controls I was winning races and seasons.

It was fairly easy to get to grips with really.

Project Cars Career - GamingDog

I have now completed and won the UK Kart Nationals, the Kart One Championship and have just won the Dubai Kart Masters Cup.


Now I’m not usually very good or successful with online multiplayer on most games so it comes to no surprise really that I’m just as pants in multiplayer on this game too.

I’m enjoying the game so far the graphics are great but not on par with the PC version or either Driveclub on PlayStation 4, but really for me there is gameplay here by the bucket loads.

I haven’t really touched the surface with this game yet. I need to try the different modes of racing and look at tuning my cars and at least try to do better in multiplayer.

The game is a beast. There are so many cars, tracks, championships and more. I think I will continue to climb the ranks and do a follow up post in a few months time. Happy racing people.