No Man’s Sky NEXT – Multiplayer Fun

No Man’s Sky NEXT – Multiplayer Fun

1st August 2018 Off By Bagwag82

No Man’s Sky NEXT update brings one of the biggest changes to the game, multiplayer. I found a new friend on a Facebook group I set up, For The Love Of No Man’s Sky. We both wanted to dive into multiplayer but we both also knew there would be a learning curve, with all the changes that have been made to the game.

One thing we found out is that the sound quality on chat is much clearer if you set up a PS4 party chat rather than using the in-game party chat. When we warped or the game stuttered we had a sound loss issue. Hopefully, these are just teething issues that will be addressed by Hello Games.

Anyway, I joined my teammates’ lobby and booted up my original No Man’s Sky save from before the update and joined my comrade on a planet where they were starting out afresh.

I Get So Emotional Baby

First thing I did was try out the emotes and waved. Next, I wanted to help them gather the materials they needed to get their ship into ship shape, pardon the pun. off we trekked looking for copper until we hit the jackpot.

My teammate built a refinery, I’d not seen this before, but not before long I was also using their refinery. Great stuff.

No Man's Sky - Multiplayer Ship - GamingDog

I got pretty far from my ship so thought I’d summon it to my location to save my little Gek legs. that’s when I saw the option to summon my freighter, so that just what I did. I was surprised how close to the planet you could bring it in.

After a few lifeform scans, we decided to head to my freighter. I think I summoned it too close to the planet as the atmosphere of the planet was inside my ship, lolz.

After showing my buddy around the freighter we decided to go for a warp to see how that works out in multiplayer. Pretty well as you’d expect apart from the loss of chat and sometimes a black screen.

When we reached the next system went mining for resources to build Warp Cells to warp further in the freighter towards a black hole. We warped a further 4 times before deciding to do a bit of exploring. What I didn’t realise was a single Warp Cell allows you to ward about 6 times before depleting. Sweet.

The Explorer Life

We took it, in turn, to choose which planet to head to next. We came across two water planets which were literally covered in water with a few tiny islands spread large distances apart. Eventually, we landed on an ice planet and explored an abandoned base.

No Man's Sky - Multiplayer Gek - GamingDog

As we were exploring, a random player entered our game and landed on the planet. At first, we agreed to get in our ships for protection just in case they were hostile. After a few seconds, we built up the courage to venture out on foot towards them. I had my gun raised at distance to see what they would do. After a short standoff, the random player waved and all was good in the world.

No Man’s Sky Has Some Nice Surprises

After they left we started to mine the Whispering Eggs for their bounty. One of us fought off the alien pests while the other mined and collected the bounty. We gathered 10 Lava sacs in total and split them equally between us atop of the abandoned facility.

At this point, we were surrounded by alien scum and out of ammo. we looked at each other and agreed to make a run for our ships. After three, 1, 2…3 we jettisoned above and over the menace below until our packs ran out the sprinted to our ships in separate directions and jumped in and launched into the air. Right at that point I could see an alien almost reach me. Gripping stuff.

We headed to the nearest space station and traded in the goods. Just under 1 million units for 10 lava cores from the Whispering eggs.

After 3 hours we decided to call it a night on this expedition.

It got me thinking about how we played as explorers and made our own adventure. It’s a very clever setup and nothing quite like it out there.

Also, I wonder what else Hello Games has put into No Man’s Sky Next that they haven’t told us about and that we have yet to explore.

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